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Capel Primary School Positive Behaviour strategy

At Capel Primary School we have high expectations for behaviour and can see the  need for a whole school approach in order to mould respectful learners in a secure  environment. We develop pupils who are intrinsically motivated to make positive  choices in their learning and relationships. With these foundations our pupils will become lifelong learners and active citizens. Through PSHE lessons, assemblies, modelling and praise we aim to instil these principles within our students.


All members of the school community have the right to learn and the responsibility to allow others to learn. We will form the foundations for behaviour for learning using every moment as a learning opportunity. Every teacher has the right to teach, to deliver Quality First Teaching and value children’s achievements. Staff will guide behaviour for learning to provide the children with the tools to make informed learning choices and to foster independence.


All members of the school community have the right to be secure and the responsibility to act safely.


All members of the school community have the right to be respected and the responsibility to show respect to others through their behaviour.























If your child is absent from school, please inform the office as soon as possible on 01892 833919.

Written confimation is required once the child returns to school in order to comply with KCC regulations.

School Dinners

We are very privileged to be one of the only local schools to have a fully fitted independent school kitchen on site that can prepare hot school dinners for  all our students. Our kitchen provides children with a range of different meals over a week and ensures that pupils receive the balanced diet they require. As it is owned by the school, any profits from the school meals result in improved resources in other areas of the school. Recently the Department for Education has made a decision for all KS1 and Year R children to be entitled to free school dinners, resulting in no additional cost to parents in these year groups. Pupils are also able to bring a packed lunch to school if they prefer


Please remember to always park safely! Avoid parking on the zig-zag lines or in Berry Fruits carpark facilities.

Please encourage your child/ren to use the crossing supervision when available and to take great care at all other times as it is such a busy road.

Playground Equipment

Please ensure that your child/ren DO NOT use the playground equipment at the end of the school day or during club times as the equipment is not supervised and therefore we do not comply with Health and Safety legislation.

Animals on the Premises

Please do not bring your animals onto the school grounds without permission, as we have pupils that suffer from allergies and some who have animal phobias. Thank you.