Learning Today for Tomorrow

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Learning today, for tomorrow...

At Capel Primary School we provide students with relevant learning journeys that make them active participants in their education. They will be taught how curriculum subjects intertwine and will be given real life learning experiences. This enables them to create, present and reflect upon genuine understanding through a creative teaching approach, where children get ‘hands on’ and experiment with ideas, resources and artefacts to support their learning.

The school aims to listen to and work with many different supporting bodies, one of the most important being parents. This school works in partnership with parents enabling us to support one another in the best interest of our students. We believe that this relationship, alongside those with the local community and the school Governors, enables the school to be successful and achieve its aims.

I wholeheartedly believe that this school is one where new ideas are pioneered and both students and adults are encouraged to take risks. We learn to succeed through working together. This is what makes Capel Primary School a passionate place that is excited and expectant about the potential of the young people it serves.


Mr Christopher Taylor



School News


We've had a fun filled first day with Shelter Building, Challenge Course and Nightwalk!  Time for onesies, hot choccies and bed...

Our Year 3 class have been involved in an Egyptian workshop, where they worked with a slightly scary Egyptian visitor who gave them the most fantastic days learning. All the pupils dressed for the occasion, as did staff, and the children crafted Egyptian themed artefacts, took on the roles (including slaves and pharaohs) and truly immersed themselves in Egyptian history!



Without question, Christmas is the very best time to work in a Primary School. The genuine excitement and expectancy  shown by the children is infectious! The season has many traditions for Capel Primary School and I wanted to again say well done to our EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 children for their performance of ‘Behind the Stable Door’.