Learning Today for Tomorrow

Welcome back!

Posted Tue, 10/10/2017 - 13:18

Firstly, I would very much like to welcome our new families and children to our community. We again have thirty children in our EYFS classroom and the children have already begun their Capel learning journey! It is wonderful to see such curious and enquiring minds from our new additions and I am sure they will continue to grow to love learning in all its forms as they progress through their first academic year.

Alongside these new pupils, I would like to formally welcome several others to our Capel Family. Although they joined in the last academic year, we are proud to have these pupils join us:  Malachi (Yr 5), Elizabeth (Yr 5), Elysia (Yr 4), Maltilda (Yr3) and Poppy (Yr 3).  I trust that all our families, pupils and staff will make you feel very welcome. On a sadder note, I also want to wish Lillie (Year 6) all the best in her future school. She is moving out of the area and actually left us last Friday. I wish her luck and know that she will thrive in whatever she applies herself to.

As a point of reference, I can also share that our total roll is now 213, which shows the sustained level of interest in the Capel Community. which we are very grateful for.

Secondly, I wanted to send my sincere congratulations to the Year 6 children who took the PESE (11+) test in September. The children had to sit the Kent examination on the second day back and were presented with verbal, non-verbal, spatial, mathematical and literacy based tasks, which need to be completed quickly and accurately. The test is always stressful for the students (and families) involved and I am pleased to report that our students handled themselves with a high level of resilience and maturity. Children will find out next week how they performed. In the interim, I want to tell them all that I am proud of them for doing their best and wish them all the best of luck!

Next, I want to thank everyone who picked up a cake or snack on Friday during our Macmillan Fundraising event. I am pleased to announce that we raised £222.80 for the cause! A massive well done to Mrs Haffenden who organised the event and inspired such skilful (mostly) cake baking.

Finally, I want to again praise our Year 6 students. Last Friday 22 of the cohort put themselves forward for either our Head boy or Head girl role. They made a speech to 180 students and all the staff in order to the gain the required number of votes to be elected. The speeches were absolutely superb and it is clear that anyone of the students would have thrived in the role. The threads of persuasion, coercion and inspiration were all clear and our children are truly mastering the skill of public speaking. After a very close vote, I am pleased to announce that two children have been selected but you will need to wait until our investiture next Thursday to find out who they are!

As always, I would like to thank our community for your on-going support. It is truly a great privilege to be leading a pioneering school and it is a joy to see so many children run through the morning gate with a smile on their face. Please remember that my staff and I are always willing to make time for feedback and hope that our partnership will result in another successful year at Capel Primary School!

Mr Taylor