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Term 5-6 Mini-beasts and Learning Heroes.

Posted Tue, 04/18/2017 - 17:50

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope that you enjoyed the fabulous weather over the Easter break. Thank you to all those who supported the 3d shape learning challenge. It was wonderful for them to share their learning and thank you for your patience with the shape song!

The curriculum information shows what we will be doing over the next two terms, however as things evolve or the children’s interests change I will keep you updated.


I had not expected the traditional tales to run as long as it did, but the children came up with such great ideas; the 3 bears cottage evolving into the giant’s castle and finally, just before the holiday, changing once more in Red Riding Hood’s café. This will allow us to explore healthy eating, menu making, money and reward posters just for starters.


As the weather improved at the end of term and as this continues we will be spending more time outside. The children have started to create a dino-land and bug hotel as well planting our vegetables, whilst keeping a diary of them. Listening to what they would like to do means that we will be squeezing in topics on mini-beasts, superheroes and possibly the seaside too! Once our café is quieter, we will create a human home and a mini beast investigation den, which will be supported by our trip on May 2nd to Wilderness Woods, where we will be story-telling, using the big mud kitchen, creating a mud shop, mini beats hunting and identifying, mini shelter building and risk taking!


We were very excited to get our new learning rug and some fantastic crates for building outside. The crates have already been put to good use as dragons, a bus, an aeroplane, stairs, camps, bridges and a way to solve problems (get things down that are high up, when you have a short teacher!) What will they come up with next?


I will keep you posted on how I will support their transition into Year 1, including after half term them coming in the big gate (I will be in the playground) and how they will order their own lunch. I will also be offering  a handwriting workshop , which will be in Year 1 classroom, so they and you can have a look, as well as story times in their too. I cannot believe I am talking about Year 1 for them, but know that they will be ready to take on their next challenge in 2 terms time – after all they are learning heroes!


Thank you for your support.                             


Mrs Walton-Wallace   

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