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Term 5!

Posted Tue, 04/18/2017 - 16:48

Welcome back to a new term.

Our topic this term will be “Brazil!”

I hope that you all had a lovely Easter break and are ready to return school. We will be exploring Brazil for the next term and then moving on to rivers and the local area in term 6. Before this, we will spend a week familiarising ourselves with the globe! Learning how to use atlases, maps and map apps. When we move on to Brazil, we will be exploring the key question: Is Brazil always a Carnaval? The starting point will be investigating the physical and human features of Brazil and then we will go more in-depth, looking at different populations and areas of the country. In Art, we will be making our own pictorial maps! In music we will embrace the Samba and the spirit of the Carnaval.


As mentioned, in the following term, our learning will be a little closer to home! We will investigate what rivers are and how they work, flooding and the water cycle. During this term, I hope to able to take the children out into the local area, for orienteering experience and to develop their observational skills. We will also be learning about Parliament and democracy, hopefully with the children creating their own political parties!


If you have any books on Brazil, rivers, Parliament or any other resources related to the topic that you don’t mind lending to us this term and next term, we would really appreciate this. Please make sure any resources are named so they can be returned at the end of term. Also, if you have any expertise in this topic or have interesting experiences we would love for you to share them with us in class. Please come and see me or write a note to me in the contact book so we can arrange a visit.


In PE will be starting to practise yoga! The children will really enjoy this and, of course, it will be safe and children will ensure they only do what they can do. This will be an extension of the Mindfulness that we already practise in class.

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