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Class 3

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

We explore lots of exciting topics in Class 3 throughout the year. These include:

Term 1 & 2: Ancient Egypt

Term 3: Ancient Greece

Term 4: Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Mountains

Term 5: The Local Area

Term 6: The Stone Age

The Class 3 Teacher is Miss Kerridge and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Wickham.  

Latest Updates from Class 3

3 years 4 months ago

Throughout book week, Class 3 and 5 have joined together to make exciting new poems about firework night. We learnt some of Michael Rosen’s poems off by heart with our own actions to help us understand more about the structure of poetry. We then decided on the three ingredients needed for the perfect poem: rhyme, rhythm and repetition. In our groups we used these ingredients to create our own poems, writing in couplets. The extra challenge was to get line A in each couplet to rhyme and have line B as our repeated line. It was quite tricky to do this but we really enjoyed ourselves!

The next day we joined Mrs Follows for an illustrator workshop, taking inspiration for our drawings from Quentin Blake. First we started off drawing different shaped heads and then added facial features to show various expressions. We then experimented with the ink pens and watercolours to create outline and colour. When we felt confident, we moved onto creating our own firework night characters using these techniques. Once the characters were dry, we cut them out and stuck them around our poems to create a fireworks scene. The works have been collected into a book which can be found in the school office. Please feel free to come and have a look!

3 years 6 months ago

WOW....what a start to our topic! Year 3 are very excited to learn more about the Ancient Egyptians after our lesson on Friday afternoon. We travelled back in time to enter a tomb and inside we discovered a mummy! We had to follow clues in order to find various Egyptian artefacts. However, the clues were written using the hieroglyphic alphabet. Once we had solved the clues and found the treasure, we got the key to a dark and dingy tomb which contained a mummy! We talked about why people were mummified and began to understand the importance of the afterlife for the Ancient Egyptians. A very unusual but exciting afternoon for Year 3! Have a peak at photos of our tomb experience in the photo gallery.


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