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Class 3

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

We explore lots of exciting topics in Class 3 throughout the year. These include:

Term 1 & 2: Ancient Egypt

Term 3: Ancient Greece

Term 4: Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Mountains

Term 5: The Local Area

Term 6: The Stone Age

The Class 3 Teacher is Miss Kerridge and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Wickham.  

Latest Updates from Class 3

3 years 1 month ago

Class 3 have been time travelling again! This week we travelled back to Ancient Greece and held a debate between the two most powerful city states to see which city state was truly the best. So who would be crowned the winners? Would the Spectacular Spartans succeed or would the Amazing Athenians be victorious?

Both sides gave fantastic arguments as to why they were the best and some children were even able to give counter-arguments. The Spartans spoke with confidence about how they were ruled by two Kings instead of one, had a good location incase of invasions and focused on bringing up only the strongest men to become warriors. The Athenians explained how they had lots of allies, had introduced democracy and allowed men to have a better education, learning to read, write and play an instrument. It was a tough decision but in the end Athens were triumphant, winning by just one point extra! Well done to the whole class for such thoughtful ideas and input. It was a tense but enjoyable afternoon!  Photos of this event can be found in the photo gallery.

3 years 3 months ago

Class 3 had a fantastic time using the Ipads today! We are writing celebrity biographies in Literacy and used them to do lots of research. They were very useful in gathering interesting facts and information. We can’t wait to use them again! Have a look at us using them in the photo gallery.

3 years 4 months ago

On Thursday 13th November Class 3 went on a trip to Kent life, where we found out lots about the ancient Egyptians. We got on the coach dressed in our Egyptian costumes and felt very excited.

When we arrived, Miss Kerridge led us to a small chapel. We settled down in there in our groups and then a lady dressed in Egyptian clothing arrived. She told us lots about the jewellery and clothing that ancient Egyptians wore and Oliver and Eden got to dress in rich Egyptian clothes!

After that we learnt about how the ancient Egyptians built their houses. We made our own mud bricks using straw and mud. Mrs Wickham was the task master and walked around with a whip to make sure we were working hard! We found it fun because we got our hands all dirty.

Next we went into a warm house where we were taught how to play two different Egyptian games. First we played a game called bones and I (Joe) got chosen to do it. I had to through a piece of mummified orange up in the air and pick up as many animal bones as I could before the orange hit the floor. It was really tricky and you had to be strong to play. Then we played an Egyptian board game in little groups.

We then had a free session so we were allowed to go to the park. It was so cool! It had a huge slide which was like an oast house and a strange rope swing which went so high. There were lots more things to play on. It was so much fun.

Afterwards we went to the medicine room and we looked at how Egyptian medicine was made. The ingredients were ostrich poo, animal blood, honey and cinnamon. Poor Lillie had to smell the ostrich poo to guess what it was! We decided we felt much better after finding out what the medicines were made out of!

Soon after lunch we went into the tomb. Frank had to pretend he had died so he could be mummified. Rheya had to go around Egypt telling everyone he had died because she pretended to be his wife. He had to be mummified in order to go to the afterlife…but only if he was good! He had to lie down and have a cloth put over him and then his vital organs were pulled out! Poor Frank!

Next we went up to a room called The Cooler Room. There were five tables set up with lots of wooden blocks on each. A man and a woman called John and Carole told us how to make a pyramid out of the blocks. So then we went and tried to make a pyramid working as a team. It was not as easy as we thought it would be!  John told us about the pyramids in Egypt.

Lastly we went up to a high room where a lady was sitting. She told us all about ropes and how important they were, especially if you had a camel. Justin, Josef, Amber and William went to the front and they twisted rope in different directions. It made one thick, beautiful rope which was strong and stubborn. We got to make our knot robes using smaller pieces.

Finally we got our belongings and went back to school on the coach and minibus. We felt very tired when we returned but we had a fantastic day! Thank you to Miss Kerridge, Mrs Wickham and Mrs Smith for organising such an interesting day. A special thank you also to Mrs Semple and Mrs Stam for coming with us to help out. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Written by Rheya, Joe, Jack B, Ben N, Finlay, Darcey and Thomas


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